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Modern, eye-catching, and easy to navigate

Affordable and reliable web hosting

Responsive design

Variety of plugin options

Social media intergration

Updates made easy

Mobile friendly


Is your site outdated? Nonexistent?

GlueBug specializes with helping business owners step up their web presence by offering beautiful, updated websites to clients who often don't have the time or skill to manage their site by themselves. From a clean, elegant multi page site to a full fledged e-commerce based site, we have the capability to make your business come alive online.


Convenience when you need it.

We know how busy you are, that's why we also offer to do all the updates, and copy changes to your website for low hourly rates. Often times websites get old and outdated which can drastically effect the reliability and credibility of your business. What many people don't realize is that regular updates are necessary in order to make sure your site is protected against hackers and to make sure all the applications are up to date and working properly. We take the worry out of these issued and term them into seamless integration to your site.

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